Dr. Hitesh Italiya


Gynecologist, Infertility & IVF specialist, Laproscopy surgeon, Male infertility expert, Obstetrician.

Dr. Hitesh Italiya is a well known gynecologist, laproscopy surgeon and infertility specialist.

Dr. Hitesh italiya is a highly regarded IVF specialist with extensive gynecologist and surgical experience, specialing in laproscopy and hysteroscopy surgery. He has 12 years experience .he has an empathetic,considerate, capable, extremely approachable, supportive personality to his patients. He offers complete care for her patients from 1st counseling to her complete treatment done. He is specially interested to explain all investigation and procedure in details. He offer individualized treatment according to patient age, medical condition, choice, social and economical needs from simple oral medicine to IUI to IVF.

Dr. Mital Italiya


Gynecologist, General

She is empathic, respectful, compassionate, dedicated to her work. She is female doctor and mother of two daughter so she is practically effective counsellor to our every pregnant patient during her antenatal period, during labor and during post natal period and explain in details related to her diet, her activity, sleep, clothes, reading, yoga and exercises. She is supportive to our infertile patient also.

  • We have experienced trained nursing staff to treat you.
  • Coordinating compensation to your care.
  • They undergo rigorous training in counselling and assisting all procedure. Provide continuity of care throughout your treatment.
  • They will solve all your minor queries on phone calls.
  • We have experienced well trained caring  staff nurses available at 24×7 for your service.
  • Continuous care throughout your pregnancy.
  • They have familiar faces and cheerful smile from your first visit to our hospital.
  • They are always ready to help you, to clear your confusion, to counsel your treatment, provide constant support and continuity of care throughout your treatment.
  • The special co-ordinate your appointment with the doctor to save your time.
  • Support to stay positive and maintain your relationship.